FREE dental checkups for kids

When Dr. Betz saw children and their parents eating lunch just outside the Rio Rico dental clinic, he asked how we could get those parents to bring their kids in for dental checkups while they’re on summer vacation, a time when the last thing on children’s minds is brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist.

In the spirit of our community mission, we decided to offer the exams, X-rays and consultation FREE/GRATIS to Santa Cruz County children (ages 1 through 20) from June 27 through August 3. We are also giving kids crayons and a fun Crocodile Smile coloring book about how to take care of their teeth, along with a bagful of oral hygiene products to keep kids brushing, because every day is Tooth Time.

Our message is displayed on racks with free toothbrushes and counter cards throughout Mariposa and other locations in Nogales, Rio Rico and Patagonia.

July weekend ads are running in the NI papers and our press release is featured on the home page of BorderEco at Flyers have been placed in many establishments throughout Santa Cruz County.

But simple word of mouth is very powerful in our communities, so please spread the word among your clients to take advantage of this free opportunity to familiarize their children with dental care and regular visits to the dentist.

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