“Health care is a basic right, not a privilege”

“Health care is a basic right, not a privilege”On Friday, May 27th, the Arizona-Mexico Commission presented Mariposa Community Health Center with the annual Senator Andy Nichols, MD Award. This award is in recognition of Dr. Nichols’ contributions to improve the quality of life in the Arizona – Mexico border region.

Mariposa was recognized for our commitment to excellence in health care. Molly Anderson, MD, a Nichols family friend, received the award from Governor Brewer on behalf of Mariposa.

In receiving the award, Dr. Anderson commented said, “Mariposa’s foundation is predicated on the conviction that health care is a basic right, not a privilege. Like Dr. Nichols, we also believe that creating a healthy community is not only heavily dependent on all of our neighbors having access to high quality medical and dental care, but it also involves forging community partnerships and developing innovative, community-based education and outreach services that target such things as chronic disease, fitness and nutrition, leadership and personal and community empowerment.”

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