Dr. Pereira Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Dr. Pereira Celebrates 25th AnniversaryJuly 1, 2011 marked Dr. Pereira’s 25th anniversary at Mariposa. To recognize Dr. Pereira for his countless contributions to Mariposa, our patients and our community, a reception was held in his honor. Mariposa’s Board of Directors, providers and leadership team gathered to honor “Dr. P” and express their collective appreciation for his dedication, leadership and service.

Dr. Pereira was the first physician recruited after Mariposa became a private corporation in 1986 and was the anchor and driving force behind the Health Center’s growing adult medicine department.

Dr. Pereira’s leadership and respect in the medical community were well established when in 1998, he accepted the extremely challenging position of Chief of Medical Staff and Clinical Programs. For the past 13 years, Dr. Pereira has bridged the disciplines of clinical medicine and management and has been a valued member of the Leadership Team.

Thank you, Dr. Pereira, for your dedication to Mariposa and our patients!

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