Digital X-Ray

Digital x-ray services are available at the Nogales site and are available to all of our patients, even those who travel from our satellite clinics. We are deeply grateful to Arizona Community Foundation for providing the grant that made this possible.

Digital Mammography

Mammography screening is critical for women in Santa Cruz County. Mariposa assures our patients state of the art mammography screening services. The digital mammograpahy system allows highly detailed images to be directly recorded onto a computer. The images are transmitted to Mariposa’s consulting radiologists at Adobe Imaging Incorporated in Tucson and they can receive, enlarge and highlight the images without any loss of quality.

The acquisition of the state of the art, digital imaging equipment was made possible by the generous donations from a local individual donor, University Family Care, Fuji, the Mark Ross Capin Endowment at the Santa Cruz Community Foundation. We are deeply grateful for these investments in the quality of care for our patients and our community.


Mariposa now offers ultrasound services in-house. Provided by Assured Imagin, ultrasound can evaluate lesions in the abdomen, pelvis and vascular structures. It can also be used as a screening test for abdominal aortic aneurysms in patients who are current or former smokers who are at least 60 years of age. It is also used in obstetrics to evaluate the growth of the fetus. The advantages of ultrasound is that is does not require contrast and does not involve radiation.

This is great news for our patients at Mariposa and is another opportunity to provide another service for quality and convenience.


Mariposa is an active participant in the Arizona Telemedicine Program and as a patient, you can actually receive specialty consults from physicians at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center using state of the art telemedicine equipment on-site at Mariposa. In addition, the teleconferencing capabilities also provide our providers an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest clinical developments by participating in some of the 500 hours of continuing medical education training programs and lectures available from the Arizona Telemedicine Program. (See:

Electronic Medical Records

Mariposa has implemented electronic medical records in all locations and departments. The electronic medical record is a cutting edge product designed to improve quality, patient safety, and efficiency. We have partnered with three other Health Centers in southern Arizona to form the Southern Arizona Integrated Network to collaborate on the acquisition, support and maintenance of information technology and quality improvement initiatives.

Electronic Dental Records

In 2005, our dental department implemented a state of the art, electronic dental record system. The new, paperless system supports clinical practice with digital x-ray, enhanced treatment planning, and patient education.