Digital Mammography and X-ray now available

Digital Mammography and X-ray now availableDeborah Santa Cruz, Radiology Technologist Mammographer and Radiology Department Supervisor, proudly stated that Mariposa Community Health Center has “stepped into the future” with our new digital system.

This digital mammography system allows highly detailed images to be directly recorded to computer.  The images are transmitted to Mariposa’s consulting radiologists at Adobe Imaging Incorporated in Tucson, where images are received, enlarged and highlighted without any loss of quality.  Ms. Santa Cruz stated that digital mammography is a wonderful advancement for our patients and our Health Center.”

Images can be viewed by consulting radiologists in Tucson in just 15 minutes and diagnostic reports are available in one day.  Ms. Santa Cruz added, “During a routine exam, when I show our patients the new digital equipment, they are delighted.  They leave here feeling confident and happy.”

Ms. Maria Granillo has been a patient at MCHC since she moved to the community ten years ago. This month, Ms. Granillo came in for her routine annual mammogram and stated, “This is the first time that I’ve had a mammogram with the new digital equipment and I felt more confident because I knew that I was getting a much better exam and I didn’t have to go to Tucson to get it done.”

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