Since the inception of the Mariposa Community Health Center in 1980, we have been dedicated to improving the health of our patients, their families and the community.  We approach health in the broadest terms, in order to most effectively make a difference. From primary medical and dental care to health education, nutrition, fitness and community mobilization, our aim has always been to help patients improve their lives and to improve the health of our community.

We are extraordinarily proud of the work we do at Mariposa and the special privilege we have of serving all of the residents in our communities, regardless of their economic status. From the wealthiest to the poorest, providing everyone with the same quality, genuine respect and caring is the hallmark of Mariposa Community Health Center. We have over 400 staff members, who have chosen to dedicate their careers and their skills to furthering our mission of service in our community and providing the highest quality health care.

We are also especially fortunate to have a dedicated, supportive Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of 12 community members who are committed to our mission and spend countless hours providing direction and supporting our work, and the communities and the patients we serve.

Finally, we are especially humbled and deeply grateful to our patients themselves, who have entrusted us with their personal health and that of their families. Mariposa is dedicated to continually improving the quality of the care we provide and providing a patient-centered, health care home to our esteemed patients.


Dan Prevost

Chief Executive Officer
Mariposa Community Health Center